Welcome to Art and Science, the fourth volume of the Tilt West Journal. For this edition of Tilt West’s annual publication, we achieved our goal of issuing an open call for a commissioned guest curator. Our curatorial team was pleased to select Alana Quinn, who serves as the senior program associate of the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. Alana worked closely with three Tilt West board members–Sharifa Lafon, Joel Swanson, and Brenton Weyi–to identify a compelling roster of artists, researchers, musicians, poets, and filmmakers whose work explores the many varied intersections of art and science.

The curatorial scope of this volume is wide-ranging and explores how different artists use the sciences to inform the ways in which they communicate through artistic practices. Our contributors live and work throughout the western United States, but many are connected to the Denver metro area where Tilt West is based. As always, it remains central to our organization’s mission to amplify the rich perspectives and creative talents of our immediate region in conversation with others who may be further afield. We hope this publication sparks your curiosity, deepens your desire for interdisciplinary knowledge, and inspires further engagement and discourse. We invite you to learn more about Tilt West’s mission and program on our website: