• Nora Burnett Abrams
    Nora Burnett Abrams is the Mark G. Falcone Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. She formerly served as the MCA’s curator, where she organized more than thirty exhibitions and authored or contributed to nearly a dozen accompanying publications. She has lectured throughout the country on modern and contemporary art and holds degrees in art history from Stanford University (BA), Columbia University (MA), and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University (PhD).
  • Noel Black
    Noel Black is a poet, publisher, translator, and radio producer who lives in Denver, Colorado. He is the author of three full-length collections—Uselysses, La Goon, and The Natural Football League—and several chapbooks, including his most recent, High Noon. He is also the coeditor of Kevin Opstedal’s Pacific Standard Time. Black holds an MFA in poetics and creative nonfiction from Regis University.
  • Angie Eng
    Angie Eng is a visual artist who works in experimental video, conceptual art, and time-based media. Her work has been performed and exhibited at venues such as the Whitney Museum, the Lincoln Center Video Festival, The Kitchen, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Art in General, and Experimental Intermedia. Her videos have appeared in local and international digital art festivals. She is currently finishing a PhD in intermedia arts at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • Rick Griffith
    Rick Griffith is a British-born graphic designer of West-Indian origin and the design director of MATTER in Denver, Colorado. His graphic works, which are often nested in a writing practice, are produced on 19th and early 20th century printing presses using traditional and avant-garde techniques. Griffith is a scholar of typographic history. He frequently lectures throughout North America and internationally on design history, typography, and his unique model of professional practice.
  • Paul Miller
    Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) is a composer, multimedia artist, and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. Miller’s work has appeared in such venues as the Whitney Biennial and The Venice Biennial for Architecture. His books include Rhythm Science, Sound Unbound, The Book of Ice, and The Imaginary App. He has been published in The Village Voice, The Source, and Artforum, and was the founding executive editor of Origin Magazine. A frequent visitor to Colorado, Miller is the current artist-in-residence at Google.
  • Juan Morales
    Juan J. Morales is a poet and the son of an Ecuadorian mother and Puerto Rican father. He is the author of three poetry collections: Friday and the Year That Followed, The Siren World, and The Handyman’s Guide to End Times (UNM Press). His poetry has appeared in Copper Nickel, Crab Orchard Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Pleiades, Poetry Daily, and others. He is a CantoMundo fellow, a Macondista, the editor/publisher of Pilgrimage Press, and department chair of English & world languages at Colorado State University-Pueblo.
  • Kelly Sears
    Kelly Sears is an experimental animator. Working with appropriated images from American culture and politics, she uses animation to rebuild American histories that shift between the official and the uncanny while exploring contemporary narratives of power. Her work has screened at such venues as the Museum of Modern Art, The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Sundance Film Festival. Sears teaches film and animation production at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She received a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA from the University of California, San Diego.
  • Suzi Q. Smith
    Suzi Q. Smith is an award-winning artist, activist, and educator who lives in Denver, Colorado. She has shared stages with Nikki Giovanni, the late Gil Scott Heron, and many others. Her poems have appeared in numerous publications, anthologies, and a chapbook collection, Thirteen Descansos. Her newest collection, A Gospel of Bones, is available in Spring 2020. Smith formerly served as executive director of Poetry Slam, Inc., and is co-chair of the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs. She recently gave the talk, ‘These Poems Made Me Possible,’’ at TEDxBoulder.
  • Joel Swanson
    Joel Swanson is an artist and writer who explores the relationship between language and technology. His work critically subverts the technologies, materials, and underlying structures of language to reveal its idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies. He has been exhibited at such venues as the Broad Museum in Lansing, The Power Plant in Toronto, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Swanson is an assistant professor in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has an MFA from the University of California, San Diego.