This is a graphic work on paper. The composition is dominated by a bright yellow color which fills the page. The yellow ink is slightly transparent, so the white of the paper shows through it. Arranged on the yellow ground are 3 tiny straight lines of printed text and 1 curve of text, cut from yellowed newsprint and collaged onto the image. The collaged text includes references to car parts: “filter, oil filter, battery, hydraulic pump, windshield washer, distributor…” Scattered among these lines of text, there are small brown and green circles, tiny red rectangles, and other faint, drawn lines. The artist has provided this poetic description of his work: In *A.*, there are tiny words, like shrapnel, fleeing from a scene. The text is as small as javelins. There are lines. They are strong AND faint. They want to be discovered. You could pretend to feel them all day poking you. But you won't. You'll save them for another time. One small discovery at each encounter.


  • Rick Griffith
ArtistRick Griffith
Dimensions11 × 14 inches (30.5 cm × 22.9 cm)
MediumCollaged text, graphite, ink
CreditCourtesy of the artist.