This is a graphic work on paper. The composition is dominated by a bright yellow color which fills the page. Through the transparent yellow ink, the white of the paper shows through, along with some very faint graphite lines. Over the yellow ink, the artist has collaged dozens of tiny lines of text, cut from yellowed newsprint. Some of the collaged text forms a large curving “C.” Other lines of text intersect with that curve at various angles. In the lower right of the composition, a larger segment of text reads, “switch from inside.” The artist has provided this poetic description of his work: In *C.*, we encounter an incursion of sharp lines of text, arranged like spears to penetrate a circular form made from the same small text. It could be violent, but not in a bloody way, the way a sperm breaks the surface tension of an ovum, or the way several neatly cut sticks of toast would break a bright yellow yolk.


  • Rick Griffith
ArtistRick Griffith
Dimensions11 × 14 inches (30.5 cm × 22.9 cm)
MediumCollaged text, graphite, ink
CreditCourtesy of the artist.