This is a graphic work on paper. The composition is dominated by a bright yellow color which fills the page. Through the transparent yellow ink, the white of the paper shows through, along with faint grids of intersecting graphite lines. Collaged over the yellow, and grouped in the center of the page, are several blocky red and orange shapes that appear to be cropped segments of letters. These red and orange shapes are held in place by more graphite lines and three thin green lines. The artist has provided this poetic description of his work: In *B.*, there is a central concentration of yellow, an excerpt of orange, and portions of large red texts. Not whole words. And three parallel lines of a sea-foam green. Everything else here is tight graphite lines as if we are with the remnants of a ledger or a blueprint.


  • Rick Griffith
ArtistRick Griffith
Dimensions11 × 14 inches (30.5 cm × 22.9 cm)
MediumCollaged text, graphite, ink
CreditCourtesy of the artist.