Tilt West is a Denver-based nonprofit dedicated to stimulating inclusive community exchange about art, ideas, and culture. We believe critical discourse is vital to the health of an arts ecosystem. We are committed to supporting artists, writers, thinkers, and all cultural workers who make Colorado an interesting and inspiring place.

For every issue of the Tilt West Journal, we commission a range of cultural practitioners to respond to a central topic. In addition to our publishing activities, Tilt West regularly hosts roundtable discussions across the Denver metro area and beyond. Tilt West maintains an open invitation list for all our roundtables; sign up at tiltwest.org/join-us. Roundtable prompt materials can be found at tiltwest.org. We post the audio recordings of our roundtables on Soundcloud, and we commission written responses to these conversations for our Medium channel.

Tilt West’s activities are supported by a talented group of volunteers culled from the region’s growing arts and culture sector. We thank board members past and present for their contributions: Olivia Abtahi, Tya Anthony, Ruth Bruno, Maria Buszek, Jaime Carrejo, Whitney Carter, Sarah McKenzie, Bianca Mikahn, Sharifa Moore, Kate Nicholson, Gretchen Schaefer, Geoffrey Shamos, Marty Spellerberg, Brandi Stanley, Joel Swanson, Derrick Velasquez, Sarah Wambold, and Brenton Weyi.

This issue was built on Quire, a multiformat digital publishing framework developed by the Getty. In this volume of the Tilt West Journal, the main text of the book is set in Tinos; the titles are set in Open Sans Condensed; and the headings, author names, and navigation are set in Open Sans. All three typefaces are designed by Steve Matteson, a typeface designer based in Louisville, Colorado.

Cover art: Muna Malik, Blessing of the Boats (detail), 2020. Steel and mirrored plexi. Courtesy of the artist.


Managing Editor
Sarah McKenzie

Issue Editors/Curators
Storm Ascher
Brenton Weyi

Designer/Digital Editor
Sarah Wambold

Line Editor
Ashley Mingus

Copy Editors
Sarah McKenzie
Sharifa Moore
Geoffrey Shamos

Technical Support
Greg Albers



Tya Anthony
Sarah McKenzie
Bianca Mikahn
Sharifa Moore
Kate Nicholson
Gretchen Schaefer
Geoffrey Shamos
Brandi Stanley
Joel Swanson
Derrick Velasquez
Brenton Weyi


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