With this volume on Art and Labor, Tilt West marks the third installment of our journal. Our first two issues, Art and Language (March 2020) and Art and Community (December 2020), were produced almost exclusively through the hard work and dedication of our in-house publications team. Since the beginning, however, it has been our hope to expand our editorial structure over time to include commissioned guest curators, and we are now thrilled to introduce Los Angeles-based curator Storm Ascher to our readers. Storm graciously collaborated with our board member Brenton Weyi on the creative vision for this third volume of the Tilt West Journal. We thank them both for their inspiring commitment to this project.

Because Storm’s professional network is largely based outside Colorado, her partnership with Brenton on this volume enables us to truly tilt west and engage with artists and writers in other western states, particularly California, to facilitate an exciting interstate exchange of ideas. If you are part of our local Tilt West community, we hope you will enjoy seeing the work of Denver-area creatives in dialogue with folks outside our region. If you are new to the Tilt West Journal, welcome! We hope your engagement with this publication will spark your continued interest in our organization’s activities. You can find out more about us on our website at