This image displays one flag mounted inside of a white frame. The imagery on the flag is created using a digital overlay process to place images on top of one another. The background of the flag is a photograph of a landscape altered to shades of pastel pink and blue. Four images of communication equipment with antennas are arranged in a grid on top of the landscape image. There is distorted text along the bottom and top of the flag that creates a wave-like form. That text includes the words 'drones,' 'privacy,' and 'hostile.' A digitally applied text bubble displays the text: 'While the average wage for incarcerated people is 86 cents an hour, the corporations profit in the millions from this labor.'

But Let Me Tell You How This Business Began

  • Phil America
ArtistPhil America
Dimensions36 x 60 inches (91.44 cm x 152.4 cm)
MediumPrint on textile flags
CreditCourtesy of the artist

A machine that detects drones that might fly over a facility to drop off paraphernalia.