On the left side of this photograph a middle-aged man (Luis) leans down to kiss a teenage girl (Lulys) on her forehead. Lulys is wearing a gray t-shirt, and she is sitting on a twin bed with a floral bedspread. Luis wears a straw cowboy hat, a blue-and-white striped, button-down shirt, and jeans. On the right side of the photograph, a teenage boy (Bryan) sits on another twin bed with a floral bedspread. Bryan wears shorts and a T-shirt. A painting of Jesus hangs above a mounted altar on the wall above Bryan’s bed.

Deported: An American Division

  • Rachel Woolf
ArtistRachel Woolf
MediumDigital photograph
CreditCopyright Rachel Woolf

Saturday, May 26, 2018 at the children's grandmother's house in San Nicolás, Mexico.

Luis kisses his daughter Lulys as his son Bryan, now 14, watches television. Lulys and Bryan grew up without their father after his deportation in 2010.