This image displays one flag mounted inside of a white frame. The imagery on the flag is created using a digital overlay process to place images on top of one another. The background image is a landscape in shades of blue. Layered over that are bright orange uniforms: two jumpsuits, one shirt, and two pairs of pants. Along the edges of the flag there is a gold decorative border. In large letters in the center of the image is the word 'UNIFORM.' Below the word 'UNIFORM' is a smaller text description of the security features of uniforms. More text is included above the word, but it is upside down and backwards, making it illegible. A digitally applied text bubble displays the text: '49 states have governed prison industries initiatives, with another run by the federal government.'

But Let Me Tell You How This Business Began

  • Phil America
ArtistPhil America
Dimensions36 x 60 inches (91.44 cm x 152.4 cm)
MediumPrint on textile flags
CreditCourtesy of the artist

A typical uniform for incarcerated people.