This image displays one flag mounted inside of a white frame. The imagery on the flag is created using a digital overlay process to place images on top of one another. The background image is a mountain landscape, but the left side has been digitally manipulated, so the background appears to be split into two vertical rectangles. Within the right rectangle there are snow capped peaks. On the left side, the sky appears in shades of red, and the trees are white and purple. Layered over the entire image, displayed in an arched curve, is the text: 'THE WHOLE SHABANG.' In the center, there are twenty four images of potato chip bags arranged in a grid with four rows of six. In the lower left corner of the flag is an orange rectangular tag with the words 'SNACK FOODS.' Along the lower right is a digitally applied text bubble that states: 'Federal Prison Industries, a company using only slave labor, trades on the stock market as UNICOR.'

But Let Me Tell You How This Business Began

  • Phil America
ArtistPhil America
Dimensions36 x 60 inches (91.44 cm x 152.4 cm)
MediumPrint on textile flags
CreditCourtesy of the artist

Many say that The Whole Shabang chips are the best chips in the world.